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Accuracy, Consistency and Compliance. That’s what you get with Coester VMS. The first and only appraiser owned national appraisal management company to provide excellent service with the best appraisal management technology in the industry. It’s as simple as that. With Coester you have options, you can outsource your entire appraisal process to Coester, choose your own appraisal panel and stay partially involved, or have Coester's In-House appraisal management team take over our entire operation and remain in 100% compliance.

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CoesterVMS has had the privilege of working with a wide range of clients of all different sizes and backgrounds. Our clients have ranged from government agencies, private investors, mortgage lenders, banks, reo asset management companies and many more. Our stories are really endless and range from a homeowner purchasing a home, a mortgage lender being compliant with recent regulations or the valuation of a restaurant for a bank. Please see below and see which one fits you as you could be the next!

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